I remember why I stopped checking the Elementary tag. I mean, what is up with all the whiny babies? Just because someone disagrees with your opinion doesn’t mean it’s hate for fuck’s sake.

And stop demanding that people be nice. People aren’t being mean. People are critiquing the show.

I loved you very much…

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2x20: No Lack of Void

“Is that the Captain?”

“It’s my mother. She just heard about some lunatic trying to poison a bunch of dairy cows with anthrax. She wants us to throw away all of our milk. So now we know.”

“Hm. Your mother’s not the only person succumbing to anthrax hysteria. According to the news, people all over the city are discarding their dairy products whether or not they originated at the Macintosh farm”.

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Battle of Stubborn: Sherlock vs Joan

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2x20:  No Lack of Void

“He wasn’t most addicts. He had thirty years under his belt. Thirty years. Can you even imagine…? I just wanted to know what it was… Was it a fight? An affair? If I can identify the trigger maybe….  My rational brain tells me that it’s relapse… it was a risk for any addict, of course. But his death is, um… Blindsided me. And it bothers me that it bothers me.“

“He was your friend.”

“Next month I’ll have two years sober. Alistair was sober for over three decades…”

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Get To Know Me Meme - 5 Opening Credits [1/5]


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