Elementary by ravefirell

[Image description: Elementary fanart. Sherlock Holmes is sitting in an orange armchair wearing a suit and his red plaid scarf; his left hand is gesticulating as he speaks to Joan Watson, who is curled up on the window seat next to him. Light is streaming in the windows, and there are books scattered around them on the floor.]

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I love doing quick morning sketches, but I hate scanning them, because my crappy scanner totally screws up them up.
Anyway, Joan and Sherlock from CBS’s “Elementary”

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[Elementary-a study of the Bulletproof Bell]

tryin’ to understand detective Bell’s chest muscles face.

oh mid-season hiatus, why.

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Prayers that Joan’s emptiness is not shaped like a white dude.

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coffee break


coffee break

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don’t question me

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2x20 No Lack of Void  All the tools at the NYPD’s disposal

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