racebent justice league

ruslaan mumtaz as clark kent
idris elba as bruce wayne
maggie q as diana prince
aldis hodge as barry allen
lupita nyong’o as dinah lance
jesse williams as oliver queen
naveen andrews as arthur curry
michael ealy as hal jordan
michael b. jordan as victor stone
lyndie greenwood as shiera hall
jason momoa as carter hall
godfrey gao as j’onn j’onnz

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The Avengers fancast

Natalie Martinez as Captain America

Lucy Liu as Iron Man

Lyndie Greenwood as Black Widow

Rosario Dawson as Hulk

Michelle Rodriguez as Thor

Dichen Lachman as Hawkeye

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There’s this thing that I do whenever I… feel.

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Get to know me meme — [2/5] favorite female characters: Abbie Mills

Okay, I’ll play along here. I am a black female lieutenant for the Westchester County Police Department. Do you see this gun? I’m authorized to use it. On you.

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endless list of east asian charactersMako Mori, Pacific Rim(3/?)

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Favorite Characters | Detective Marcus Bell

Sherlock: “I refer to most of the detectives here as ‘not Bell’.”

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Represent! Minor Characters on Elementary

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taiey asked you: martha jones or mickey smith?

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